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Here at The Windshield Doctors we continually think about SAFETY and hopes this NEVER happens to you.
Reason Why Windshield Repair is Better than an improper
 Windshield Replacement
This is why you should do windshield repair whenever possible
and only replace when necessary. I believe this happens much
more often than is reported. If you go into a crash yard or junk
 yard you will see many auto glass and windshield failures.
This case is filed by the surviving wife Iwona Patnaude. Her
husband Jason who was driving hit a patch of ice and lost
 control. The Toyota pick-up rolled over and the windshield
 blew out. The roof crushed killing the husband and the
daughter, Victoria, both of who were wearing seat belts.
The wife and mother filed a product liability negligence
 suit against Toyota and Safelite. It is alleged that Safelite
 did the windshield replacement.
Your windshield provides up to 70% of your roof's structural integrity. In a rollover, an edge crack or improperly installed replacement windshield can result in roof collapse.
Many passenger side air bags use the windshield as a
 backstop. If your windshield has an edge crack, or has been improperly installed, it can result in a blown out windshield
 and no protection for the passenger.
 Just A FEW bad installs from other glass companies that we have found here at the
Windshield Doctors!

The driver of this Semi Truck told
 us that he had to duct tape this
windshield to try to stop
it from LEAKING!



You can see in these pictures that there was little or no Urethane adhesive on the windshield!

The next set of pictures are from another glass company that it appears
they were trying to fix a leaking problem by back filling? The problem
 with this is that the windshield still leaked and you could physically 
push the windshield away from the body of the car from the inside.


 As you can see we took the
windshield back out of the
 car to see where the problem
was to fix it the right way.
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