The Windshield Doctors Inc. - "First Class in Autoglass"
Headlight Restoration
Restore faded, yellowed headlight lenses to like new condition. It's a one time Application with aLIFETIME WARRANTY
You depend on your headlights for your Safety and that of your family. Faded, yellowed or cloudy headlights are unsafe, are costly to replace, and according to the Department of Highway Safety, may reduce your nighttime visibilty by as much as 50%
Better Nighttime Vision Pricing
$65.00 to $85.00 for 2 headlights
$45.00 to $65.00 for 1 headlight
Our Restoration Difference
Other products that claim to restore your headlights only offer temporary polished solutions, Streaked applications are typical. Our Restoration system is engineered to be sprayed on evenly, professionally and permanently, and comes with a
Before                                                                                            After
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