We believe in OEM products - Replacing your damaged windshield properly may be a matter of life or death!

Did you know your windshield:

  • Plays a crutial role in your air bag safety system
  • Can account for up to 50 percent of your vehicle's roof strength
  • Helps support your car's roof in a rollover
  • Helps prevent passengers from being thrown from the car

We use original replacement parts.

OE parts help restore a vehicle to its original strength and retain a windshield during a crash. BETASEAL* adhesives by Dow Automotive are approved by all major vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

We Care About Your Safety

Just because we care about your SAFETY here at the Windshield Doctors take a minute to watch this episode from ABC's 20/20.

The type of windshield that we use: Pilkington EZ-KOOL® heat reducing, high performance automotive replacement glass offers unmatched value and comfort for drivers of all makes and models.

Protection Against UV Rays

Protection Against UV Rays:

  • Pilkington’s EZ-KOOL line of products blocks up to 8x more UV light
  • Filters up to 99% of UV rays
  • Reducing the risk of skin damage and sunburns
  • Protects your cars interior from sun damage

Reduction of Infared Heat Transmissions

Reduction of Infared Heat Transmissions:

  • Blocks up to 3x more ultraviolet light passing into the vehicle
  • Lowers interior cabin temperature by up to 40% creating a more comfortable driving experience
  • A reduction of Infrared Heat Transmissions can also reduce skin irritation by up to 40%

What windows do we replace?

What windows do we replace?