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Glassparency Windshield Protection

Windshield Protection that makes a world of difference. Do rainstorms, bugs, snow, or ice make you want to pull off the road because you can’t see? With a protective cover on the windshield, things that used to stick to your windshield no longer will. Glassparency is an advanced, transparent glass treatment that forms a unique ultra-hydrophobic barrier. The result is the ultimate in glass protection, unmatched for performance and durability. Glassparency contains no waxes or additives that can cause yellowing, blistering, or peeling. It will not stick to your wiper blades. Glassparency improves visibility in inclement weather when drivers struggle to see. Insects and debris can easily be washed away. Glassparency also reduces the oncoming cars headlight glare. Glassparency is a one-time application and will have a warranty that requires seasonal maintenance.

Wiper Blades

We carry many sizes of Bosch wiper blades. If you have a windshield replacement it is very important to replace the wipers to prevent glass pieces from scratching your new glass.